The Octopus Lady at Cartoons Underground!

This is rather late, but my final year project, The Octopus Lady was honoured to be selected for the 4th edition of Cartoons Underground, Singapore’s first and largest independent animation festival, alongside award-winning animated films on 17 Oct, at Kult Kafe at Emily Hill!

It was a wonderful experience meeting and talking to so many people who are interested in Animation, watching other great films, and also was the first Animation Festival I’ve ever attended.

Unfortunately I was a little too busy/excited/nervous to take any photos, so here are a couple my sister took at the event.

cartoonsunderground2 cartoonsunderground1



I first came across motion graphics in year 1, during a Viscom showcase in year 1, even though I had set my mind on majoring in Animation the following year, their flat design, vivid colours, and  movement captured my attention and imagination. It became one of my aims, to learn this during my 4 years at ADM, and last semester, I’m glad to have finally managed to take this very popular module in school.

These were the two assignments I did for it:


Early Storyboards

August onwards marks the beginning of the final year of my 4 year course at NTU. These are some storyboards I did for the preproduction of my Final Year Project idea. It’s going to be digital 2D animation, but the idea has been evolving in my head a lot recently. Will put up a proper post soon about what I presented in May.

A Changed World

Went to the National Museum of Singapore exhibit A Changed World: Singapore Art 1950s -1970s the other day for an assignment. I was surprised to actually enjoy it. Especially the political overtures in the art, especially the social realism movement which was popular back then. We don’t talk much about these things anymore, with all the progress we have, always moving forward, forgetting the past.
Riot by Lim Hak Tai
Epic Poem of Malaya by Chia Mia Tee
After the Fire by Lim Yew Kwan