On being an Animation Editor (links)

It’s about a month to the day I started working as an Animation Editor. I’d originally applied for the role of the Junior Storyboard artist, and had no idea there was such a role as an Editor in Animation.

In school, film students were taught editing (and filming), and Animation students animate.

Google didn’t readily provide resources either (unlike more other topics) so I decided to compile some useful links here, in case anyone is as confused as I was:

Judith Allen on Editing Animation

Ken Schretzmann on Editing a (Pixar) Feature Film (The Cutting Room Podcast) – Part 1

Ken Schretzmann on Editing a (Pixar) Feature Film (The Cutting Room Podcast) – Part 2

Interview with Chloé Kloezeman 2nd Assistant Editor at Pixar (Pixar Podcast) 

An Interview with Pixar’s Lee Unkrich, Supervising Film Editor of A Bug’s Life (Editor’s Guild)

Lee Unkrich on editing animated film

Interview with Beth Barnette, assistant editor at Pixar


The Octopus Lady at Cartoons Underground!

This is rather late, but my final year project, The Octopus Lady was honoured to be selected for the 4th edition of Cartoons Underground, Singapore’s first and largest independent animation festival, alongside award-winning animated films on 17 Oct, at Kult Kafe at Emily Hill!

It was a wonderful experience meeting and talking to so many people who are interested in Animation, watching other great films, and also was the first Animation Festival I’ve ever attended.

Unfortunately I was a little too busy/excited/nervous to take any photos, so here are a couple my sister took at the event.

cartoonsunderground2 cartoonsunderground1