Hands Drawing Exercise

Some hands I drew.hands-exercise.jpg


Pixel Art Update


I’ve been experimenting more on shading and colours.

The La La Land piece is that most challenging art work I’ve done in a long time. Low light environments are not my forte. It’s taken from my favourite scene in the movie, the planetarium, which distills the main message of the movie; chasing your dreams.

A Changed World

Went to the National Museum of Singapore exhibit A Changed World: Singapore Art 1950s -1970s┬áthe other day for an assignment. I was surprised to actually enjoy it. Especially the political overtures in the art, especially the social realism movement which was popular back then. We don’t talk much about these things anymore, with all the progress we have, always moving forward, forgetting the past.
Riot by Lim Hak Tai
Epic Poem of Malaya by Chia Mia Tee
After the Fire by Lim Yew Kwan