I first came across motion graphics in year 1, during a Viscom showcase in year 1, even though I had set my mind on majoring in Animation the following year, their flat design, vivid colours, and  movement captured my attention and imagination. It became one of my aims, to learn this during my 4 years at ADM, and last semester, I’m glad to have finally managed to take this very popular module in school.

These were the two assignments I did for it:


HARD surface modeling

So far exchange is definitely way more busy then I had ever foreseen. So much for – exchange is like a long holiday. On the bright side doing things I didn’t expect to do and learning a lot of new things. Like this, what’s an ambient occlusion? I’m not completely clear yet. But the second last picture is it.

For this assignment we were supposed to pick a scene from anywhere, just have to be a room indoors. I picked The Illusionist (because it’s so pretty), the apartment in Edinburgh. Also partly because of how much I loved the Scotland trip (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Isle of Skye). Maybe it was because it was just before school started that made it all the sweeter?


I was looking at a lot of calligraphy recently for inspiration for some graphics I was doing for my friend’s wedding website when I realised for the first time how pretty ampersands are. So I did a little ampersand combining some of my favourite designs. Won’t be using it in the end so I thought I’d just put it up

New Blog

I just ended my final exams for year 2 of ADM yesterday, which means half of university life is actually over! I still remember very vividly the struggle it was to get into a local university.

I’m going to resolve to do a lot more drawing this summer holiday and also post more of my work online from now on this blog I’ve had sitting around for quite awhile now.

Found Art Sculpture

Found Object Sculpture

This is a sculpture I did for my final project for the 3D module in my first semester of Art School. It was a Found Art Project and I quite like how the picture turned out: an alien otherworldly feel.

We had this black cloth in the lab and everyone would line up to have their pictures of their creations taken – because everything looks better on black.

I was hoping to do clay modeling the entire semester, which is more of my interest compared to these other kinds of sculpture, but when there was actually a clay project in the second semester, I had already dropped the module (not by choice).